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2018 09 PZ Wollen Michelmore Will Week LR-7 (8).jpg
Community News

Lemurs make their Wills

Paignton Zoo Environmental Park is teaming up with national award-winning local law firm Wollen Michelmore Solicitors to hold Will Week. The event - from 8th to 13th October – marks the sixth year Wol…

Paignton Zoo Western lowland gorilla Pertinax
Charity News

How to juggle gorillas at Paignton Zoo

Nic Dunn, Paignton Zoo’s Curator of Mammals, is currently juggling four 200 kilo gorillas. He’s clearly stronger than he looks… “We have to manage Pertinax separately from the other three - Kiondo, K…

Community News

Nut Bush Lane blocked by fallen tree

Nut Bush Lane in Torquay is currently blocked by a fallen tree this morning, Tuesday 18th September. The Marldon Road entrance to Nut Bush Lane is completely blocked with traffic unable to enter or e…

Photo of Ghost at Torquay Museum - May 2015.jpg
Community News

Ghost hunting at Torquay Museum

Fancy a spine-chilling ghost hunting night in a spooky, atmospheric Victorian museum? Well, if you’re fascinated by ghosts and the paranormal and have ever wondered if there really is something “on t…