1st Marldon Scouts: Scouts Activity Day


The 1st Marldon Scouts recently held an Activity Day with Backwater Adventures at Colehayes Activity Centre, Haytor. We did a range of fun activities including Archery, Air Rifle Shooting, Climbing, an Obstacle Course and Fire Lighting.

Below is a review of the day by one of our Scouts,

…..When we arrived I was nervous because I knew that I would have to clamber a climbing wall. We were divided into two Patrols and each went off to do different activities.

My nervousness was soon forgotten when I got to the shooting range. First we shot at targets, the scores didn’t matter, and then we shot again, this time the scores did matter as the targets were added up and the Patrol with the highest score won. We were then allowed to shoot at different targets, which fell down when you hit them, and bells that rang when shot.

After shooting, we swopped over and then it was our turn for Archery. There were targets you had to hit to get points. We were spilt into two teams and shot the targets with the arrows, and added up our points. We then tried larger targets, which were further away. I was the only one in my Patrol to hit one!!

After lunch we built fires in our Patrols. We found dry wood in between all the wet wood and eventually both fires got going and we were able to toast our marshmallows.

We made safe the fires, and then it was time for the Climbing Wall. I was quite nervous, I started on the beginners’ line. It was quite hard but I managed to climb to the top and abseiled down.

After climbing we went over to the low ropes, some parts were really hard and I fell off and got tangled up in the scramble net, but I made it to the end.

Overall, it was a really fun day and I hope we can return to Backwater Adventures soon.


Flora Brown

Cobra Patrol

1st Marldon Scouts


The 1st Marldon Scouts meet every Friday for more information please contact John Harrison, Scout Leader by email 1stmarldonscouts@gmail.com.

More info on Backwater Adventures can be found on their web site www.backwateradventures.co.uk

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