A warning to motorists after man jumps into woman's car

(Last Updated On: January 22, 2014)

I was at the junction to come out of the olympus business park, Newton Abbot at 9.55 this morning (22/01/14) and a man was stood waiting to cross.
He looked at me and waved. I assumed I knew him but couldnt tell because he had his hood up.
He walked towards the car and said something which I didnt understand and passed a sweet through the window, then walked around the front of the car.
I guessed he was going on his way but he got in my car before I could central lock the doors.
I asked him who the hell he was and told him to get out twice each time he told me to turn left.
The third time I yelled and swore at him. He got out then.
I was in a frozen state of panic, I didnt see if he walked or ran, nor in what direction.
I reversed my car back to my friends snack van to try and compose myself.
I reported it using 101 and it was suggested he had mental health issues possibly (no crime number because it would seem by  getting into my car he was doing no crime!)

He was around 6ft, foreign, white male. Black jacket with his hood up, dark rucksack and black trousers. Approx late 40’s early 50’s with rugged features.


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