Author: Kevin Dixon

Kevin Dixon(Author)

Kevin Dixon went to Audley Park – now Torquay Academy – and South Devon College when it was at Torre. After studying at Birmingham City University, he returned home because there’s nowhere else quite like Torquay. He then became involved in community and adult education, completed a PhD, and started writing about the weird and unknown side of town. He now Chairs Healthwatch Torbay and is involved in health and social care in the Bay.

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The Hellhounds in Torbay

We've discussed before the legend of the Demon Hunter of Daddyhole Plain, and briefly mentioned his accompanying “two savage hounds with eyes of fire”. These dogs were the local manifestation of the a…


The Devil at Daddyhole

Above the natural arch of London Bridge is the limestone plateau of Daddyhole Plain. Unlike London Bridge, which was named probably in the mid eighteenth century, the name Daddyhole is far more an…

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Torbay gets the ‘Flu

In 1918 there was a children’s skipping rhyme which went: “I had a little bird, Its name was Enza. I opened the window, And in-flu-enza”.The rhyme was inspired by the advent of the Spanish Flu which c…

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The 2019 English Riviera Film Festival

This year's 2019 English Riviera Film Festival is in its fifth year and has become one of the South West’s major film festivals. The number of films being shown has doubled and the award categories ha…


Torquay 1853- invasion and revolution scares

In 1858 a terrorist attack in Paris caused a reaction in Torquay. On January 14th, 1858 the French Emperor Napoleon III was attacked in his capital by a gang of assassins who hurled three small bombs…

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The Original Torquay Dad’s Army

In 1803 the small villages that made up Torbay prepared to be invaded. Evacuation plans were drawn up and the militia assembled to meet a massive French flotilla expected to appear on the horizon.Fran…

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1068 The Irish raid South Devon

We all know that the Normans came first in the Battle of Hastings in 1066. However, England didn't give in immediately. In 1068 I William had to march a combined army of Normans and Englishmen loyal t…

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Torbay and the Siege of Calais

In 1346 the villages of Torbay took part in the siege and capture of Calais. It was recorded that ' The Port of Dartmouth' provided 31 ships and 757 men for the campaign - while Plymouth only found 2…

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The Fawlty Towers Remakes

Fawlty Towers has made Torquay famous throughout the world.In 1977 and 1978 alone, the original TV show was sold to 45 stations in 17 countries and was the BBC's best-selling overseas programme for th…

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The Wolves of Torbay

The founder of Torre Abbey William Brewer was also Sheriff of Devon and, under Richard I (1189–1199), one of the justiciars appointed to administer the kingdom while the King was on the Third Crusade.…

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1690- The French attack Teignmouth

In 1690 the French fleet was in Torbay, and while they were with us launched a devastating attack on Teignmouth.They were there following the Battle of Beachy Head which was fought on 10 July 1690 dur…