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Kevin Dixon(Author)

Kevin Dixon went to Audley Park – now Torquay Academy – and South Devon College when it was at Torre. After studying at Birmingham City University, he returned home because there’s nowhere else quite like Torquay. He then became involved in community and adult education, completed a PhD, and started writing about the weird and unknown side of town. He now Chairs Healthwatch Torbay and is involved in health and social care in the Bay.

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Torquay’s Lost Harbour

If you drive along the Torbay Road from Torquay towards Paignton, through Livermead - from ‘laefer mead’, ‘the meadow of the wild iris’ - to your left is Institute Beach. At low tide can still be seen…

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Torbay- Land of Giants

Devon was once a land of giants. Or it was according to the historian Geoffrey of Monmouth's 'Historia regum Britanniae' (The History of the Kings of Britain), written around 1136. Geoffrey chronicled…

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Lillie Langtry’s Torquay Ghost

Here's another Torquay ghost story... "I resent Mrs Langtry, she has no right to be intelligent, daring and independent, as well as lovely”, Torquay resident George Bernard Shaw Oscar Wilde comm…

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Farewell to Terry Jones

It's just been announced that Monty Python star Terry Jones has died at the age of 77. Tributes have poured in for Terry including from fellow Python Sir Michael Palin who said he was, "kind, gener…

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‘Barry Lyndon’ In South Devon

Just when we thought we had a definitive list of movies made in South Devon, another pops up... and it's an Oscar winner.'Barry Lyndon' is a 1975 period drama written and directed by Stanley Kubrick, …

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The Torbay Pixie

It was once believed that another a race of beings lived alongside humans in Torbay - a little people who have mostly long gone, either extinct or have been forced far away to Dartmoor, shrunk in size…


Prostitution in Torquay- a brief history

It's the oldest profession in the world and Torquay has always had its ‘Ladies of the Night’, prostitution often being the final resort of desperate women in our town.Though prostitution was common th…


Derek Acorah & Terror in Torbay

It has just been announced that the TV mystic Derek Acorah has died aged 69. Derek found fame as a spiritual medium and fronted Predictions With Derek Acorah early in his TV career. He went on to app…


The Goddess of Torbay

Was 'Domnu' the first god of Torbay? On the Churston limestone plateau, in the field system on the cliff top at Babbacombe’s Walls Hill, and in earthworks at Warberry Hill, Great Hill and Gallows G…

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Christmas at St Luke’s

On the outside St Luke's Church in Torquay looks very traditional, built in local grey limestone with a slate roof.But inside it's quite extraordinary and is one of our town's hidden gems. Built in 18…