Back to where it all began... Spotted Torquay hits 15000 likes.

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(Last Updated On: March 1, 2014)

Spotted Torquay hit 15000 likes last night.. Thank you!

For anyone that isnt aware, this all started after I created a little page called ‘Spotted Torquay’

There were a few ‘Spotted’ pages around, so in April 2013, I created one for Torquay. Spotted pages became popluar, with controversial text and pictures, they were getting thousands of hits. Whilst Spotted Torquay began to tone things down, others went wild… then the inevitable happened. They started getting removed.

Then I started to blog (Thanks Jack!)
A little behind the scenes look at the page… This became very popular, getting thousands of views a day.

The page grew steadily, I will be honest, it took a while to get a ‘happy medium’ but the page seems to be there now.

Local people began wanting more from the page, to list local events, businesses, property for rent…
I would direct them to various pages but this was time consuming, if there was only one place to send them too..

And so We Are South Devon (total credit to Jo) was born. We had the idea, just to get it up and running!

I had no web experience, except for blogging on blogspot. But thanks to Jo & Francesca, Jack and Alan, we made a website.

This page is now in its 7th week, still very much a baby! But developing well and putting on weight! The site has seen some major chances already as we work to improve it.

The idea was to have a website that could do what people wanted Spotted to do (but couldnt due to the limitations of facebook pages) People could get involved and let others know what was going on (without the sensationalist headlines that the media use!) Inform others about charity work or projects and list events, classifieds or businesses

Im still over on Spotted, Jo is in charge of We Are South Devon and Jack has been busy out and about.. look out for his articles, I expect great things from him!

We have a number of contributors, if you want to join the team you can message us here

For the right people, there is an audience of thousands waiting.

I have abandoned my post over at Spotted, I had best return! Messages to check, posts to patrol and and trolls to ermm, hunt?

From myself at Spotted Torquay and everyone at We Are South Devon, thanks for all of your support.



Team account for We Are South Devon.