Barton and Watcombe Public Meeting - Report

Jacks lane
(Last Updated On: March 11, 2014)

A Brief report of the Barton and Watcombe Public Meeting that took place Monday 10th. March.

Steve Darling opened the meeting at 19.10 hours.

The ‘Jack’s Lane’ traffic was debated and the concerns of the residents of the illegal use of this private road together with suggestions of a remedy.
A resident asked the police what sort of fine would vehicle drivers WITHOUT reasonable access and the figure was quoted as £90. for first offence and periodic checks were in force.

Complaints regarding vehicles crossing the footpaths and parking on the grass in Moor Lane was also highlighted and councillors would be looking into this.

The Moor Lane Close (Private) section was discussed and the installation of lights would be at £300 per light with a nominal rent for the power required to operate them.
This was important due to the number of vehicle crimes.

The problem of excessive parking in Moor Lane was brought up together with the danger at the times when the road should be clear of traffic.
The police have been asked to swoop, on this problem and action will be administered for illegal parking very soon.

The removal of parking outside the Cooperative Stores at the top of Barton Hill was discussed together with the inconvenience suffered by those who needed it to go to the chemist and other shops in that area. Shops have reported a loos of trade due to this.
This would be looked into.

Barton and Watcombe in Bloom was discussed and suggestions were made.

The Philippines Hurricane Relief Project was stated and a short talk about the things people could purchase to be sent there to help.

The meeting closed at 20.45 and everyone who attended was thanked.


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