Beams arrive ready for installation tomorrow.

Photo Credit: Glenn Bowden/WASD
(Last Updated On: November 7, 2014)

Will you be heading out to watch the beam lift tomorrow?

The South Devon link road is due to be complete in just over 1 year, if you have driven that way recently I am sure you have noticed some big changes.

If you haven’t seen the gallery from the first beam lift, you can see it here:

The three beams for Structure 14, the Yon Street Overbridge, have now arrived in South Devon.

The 74 tonne, 30 metre long beams are now on site after being brought down from Liverpool last night.

The beams will be installed tomorrow, Saturday, 8th November.

A 750 tonne crane also arrived today, ready for the beam lift tomorrow morning. The first lift is scheduled to commence betwen 8.30am and 9.30am[Due to the large size of the plant and the beams themselves these times are only approximate]

There will not be any designated viewing areas but the operation will be visible from the public highway.

The roads in the area are constricted, to prevent traffic congestion Galliford Try are asking spectators to exercise consideration for local residents when parking their vehicles.

The two beams for Structure 11, the Aller Cross Overline Bridge near the Barn Owl will also be installed tomorrow. The beams, 46m long and weighing 86 tonnes, will be craned in overnight during a long-planned railway possession.

Both these operations are weather-dependent. Neither lifting operation will interfere with local road users.

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