Bright Green Stars - All is revealed!

Lottie with her parents and green star man

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We have been following the green star man since the first stars went up on the Torbay ‘Pineapple’.

The first stars went up 15 days ago

The first stars went up 15 days ago

All we were told was:
“Bright Green Stars for 15 days, but why the colour, why the shape and why is it in the bay?”


Waiting to find out what the stars are all about…

And today we found out.

Wondering down to the princess gardens, Torquay, there was no missing the amount of people in green t-shirts.
As we got closer, we saw ‘I live, I give’ on them. And the penny drops!

Organ donation.

But there is much more to this story…

Lottie with her parents and green star man

Lottie with her parents and green star man

The story of 3 year old Lottie starts when she was born, Lottie was very ill and needed a liver transplant.
Lottie had just weeks to live but on average livers become available every 10 weeks in this country.

Lottie was lucky and on day 15 became the youngest baby in the world to have a liver transplant.

We hear how Green star man as been inundated with requests for stars but there simply aren’t enough.

The stars represents organ donors, past, present and future and their families.

And the colour green? Green is the colour used for awareness for organ donation.

The stars are no longer a mystery.

Was it what anyone was expecting? Probably not.

Is it a worthwhile cause? Yes!

It’s National transplant week, find out more here:

Green star man will be at the princess gardens until 3pm, pop along to say hi and find out more about organ donation.

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