Circus Charity Event Night in Newton Abbot

Circus Charity Event, Jolly Farmer, Newton Abbot

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Circus Charity Event, Jolly Farmer, Newton Abbot

Elliott Montello as ‘The Escape Artist’ and Kane Fowler as ‘The Card Conjuror’.

Local performance artists Elliott Montello and Kane Fowler are holding an extravagant, circus charity event night, fund-raising in the name of Rowcroft Hospice. The two men will be the ringmasters of their circus themed event, featuring their own unique and amazing talents, such as dangerous escape routines, fire breathing, card tricks and more. They will also be joined by other performers and burlesque dancers, to ensure the night is one that you won’t forget in a hurry.

The two locals have been friends for a couple of years, although both staged their own magic routines independently, it is only lately that they decided to perform together as a team. Most recently the duo entertained together at an album launch party last month. They hope to continue their success with their mesmerising act as a pair in the future whilst continuing their solo ventures also. Both performers specialise in different fields, Mr Montello prefers the old-fashioned, dare devil routine, and will be showing off his fire breathing skills for much of the night. Mr Fowler on the other hand, is a very modern, slick and ever charming card magician. The two styles when combined together fuse extremely well, creating an exciting and powerful team ready to awe the audience.

We are two magicians with very different styles which we blend together as we perform escapology, conjuring, card tricks and mentalism.  We aim to have fun and put on a show with elements of extreme danger but also charm and character.

Newton Abbot’s ever popular local pub The Jolly Famer will be hosting the event in the evening on the 22nd of August. Entry will be £4 on the door. Be sure to save the date so you can support a worthy cause whilst enjoying an unforgettable night out in the process.

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