David Cameron visits Dawlish - Your views...

(Last Updated On: April 4, 2014)

Prime minister David Cameron visited Dawlish today as part of a tour of the flood hit South West.

We asked ‘Spotted Torquay’ to get involved in writing an article for We Are South Devon.

Here’s some of the responses;

“He came, he saw, he left.”

“He doesn’t know his a**e from his elbow, he came here to see how much to increase taxes and not actually use them, also he will pledge a pack of fish and chips to the people affected at most as his country isn’t priority, then as the cameras are on him he will say we need to raise more money for overseas as they fell on hard times”

“What the hell? What has he done wrong? He’s allowed extra money for things to be fixed! He doesn’t have a bag of wizards that can magic it all better. It takes time! And storms like this, with the added bonus of the timing of the tides, direction of wind, don’t happen often. The coastlines are already up to scratch with defending normal to bad sea weather. This was just mother nature being a b**ch. Seems so easy to blame the government for everything these days!”

“I think it was a rubbish visit he didn’t even come by train lol”

“I think it has to do with his pathetic attempt to blame someone else for the flooding in Somerset. I also agree that it seems the closer to London the flooding gets, the more of a crisis we seem to be having.”

“He turned up wearing a Berghaus jacket. (The jacket was black) He spoke to a local man who has been affected by the storms. Then he f**ked off. The end”

Sorry that we missed you David, you didn’t hang around long enough!


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