How your donations gave Nicole a dream day at Paradise Park

Nicole 2
(Last Updated On: March 10, 2014)

Early in February we posted this The target was reached and Nicole has had her trip. Here’s how their trip went;

Nicole had a fabulous time on her trip to Paradise Park, she had no idea where she was going, mum and dad told her she was going to have a day out with them as a treat, her big brother and baby sisters went to stay with relatives and Nicole left at the crack of dawn on her adventure wearing a new outfit with leopard print.

First stop was a trip to Cribbs Causeway, some shopping KFC for lunch and Nicole said this was the best day of her life EVER, little did she know what was coming! Back in the car mum and dad said they hadn’t finished the day yet so why didn’t they go somewhere else. Nicole asked a few times where they were going and why it was taking so long as she was told they were going swimming!
At the hotel she was so excited to have a double bed to herself, go swimming, even tried out the spa!

Saturday morning after a full English breakfast Nicole, mum and dad set off for Paradise Park, although Nicole STILL didn’t know where they were heading! On arrival Nicole was told she could lift her head up ( she’d had to lie her head on a pillow so she couldn’t see the sign for the park) and was told, at last where she was, then she was told that she would be with a keeper all day and that she would be feeding the animals! Every hope we’d had that she would be excited was fulfilled, she squealed and couldn’t get out of the car quickly enough! Nicole’s mum taped her reaction to share with us and it was a tear jerker!

The day was incredible, she was treated like a princess, she actually hand fed the snow leopards and had a tiger lick her hand! I know she will have those memories for ever. She held a Meercat ( which nipped her hand!) touched a snake, she even held a skunk!
Thanks again to everyone that donated and made the weekend possible, mum and dad had as much fun as Nicole!


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