Dont forget to put your clocks forward...


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Its that time of year again… The clocks go forward Sunday 30th March at 1am (Whilst we are giving out reminders – Its mothers day tomorrow if you haven’t already realised!)

An hours less sleep for those of us that have to be up for work in the morning.. 2 hours less, if like me (last year) you change the time on your phone and then it automatically puts itself forward an hour too, turning up early makes you appear very enthusiastic!

On the upside, if you have young children and no work tomorrow… You may get a well deserved lie in.

Daylight saving, say what?

(It’s so that we can have an extra hour sitting outside in the evening with a cocktail of course…)
The theory behind daylight saving time (which dates back to 1895 and was proposed by George Vernon Hudson) is that people are generally more productive if daylight hours are extended in the evenings.
‘British Summer Time’ was first implemented in 1916 and has remained since (Except some variations during the war)

The clocks go back again this year on October 26, sending us back into darkness! (But also giving us an extra hour in bed) Don’t worry, we will give you a reminder nearer the time.

Lets enjoy the lighter evenings first!


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