Drug gang jailed for total of 94 years for Exeter murder


Four men have been convicted and sentenced to a total of 94 years following a nine-week murder trial at Exeter Crown Court.

Stephen Crook, aged 43, was discovered seriously injured at his home in Alphington Road, Exeter on 21 September last year. He had sustained multiple knife injuries and was taken to hospital where he later died.

-Ryan Singleton, 26, from Coventry, was convicted of murder and robbery, and sentenced to 28 years.

-Steve Webster, 42, from Okehampton, was convicted of manslaughter and robbery, and sentenced to 24 years.

-Darren Twigger, 40, from Coventry, was convicted of manslaughter and robbery, and sentenced to 22 years.

-Anthony Martin, 21, from Coventry, was convicted of murder and robbery, and sentenced to 20 years.

Following the sentencing the Senior Investigating officer, Detective Inspector Gregg Dawe commented:

“This was a particularly vicious and violent attack. Those responsible were engaged in the illicit supply of controlled drugs and were motivated by money.

“The sentences imposed should send a message and act as a deterrent to anyone involved in the illegal supply of controlled drugs and the violence that is often associated with such crime.”

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