English Riveria's Seal Pup Needs a Name

Seal Pup
(Last Updated On: July 28, 2014)

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Seal Pup

Living Coasts’ latest addition.

This tiny South American fur seal pup was born at Living Coasts early in the morning on Tuesday 3rd June. Unfortunately, her mother was unable to produce milk and so zoo keepers cared for the seal pup, feeding her creamy fish milkshakes around the clock. The two-month old pup can be seen by at Living Coasts, she is currently living separately from the adult seals as she is very small and cannot swim that well yet.

Living Coasts are giving locals the chance to help in choosing a name for the little female seal pup. Marketing Manager Katherine Sobey explained:

We have a shortlist of ten names. Some were suggested by staff, others by people on Facebook. We have a collecting box in the entrance hall. People can vote by dropping a donation into the appropriate slot. This way, everyone who visits us gets to vote and we raise money for conservation work at the same time.

The ten short-listed names are: Clara; Gemini; Ariana; Destiny; Milagro (meaning miracle); Hope; Elsa; Cookie; Faith; Devon.

Which will you vote for?

The competition will run through the summer holidays. For more information go to www.livingcoasts.org.uk or ring 0844 474 3366.

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