Your Football Club Needs You

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(Last Updated On: March 30, 2014)

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‘That little club by the seaside’ is the description of lowly Torquay United nowadays, but, it wasn’t always that way.

Let’s backtrack just 5 years, 28th May to be precise, an army of 15,000 gulls invaded London for the showcase event of non league- the play off final, a win to put you in the promised land.

A year before, 12,000 United fans made a trip to London, for the FA Trophy final, just 3 years ago 7000 of us marched to Manchester. You can go back as far as 1989 Sherpa Van Trophy victory too see Torquays fate hasn’t always been this way.

I have just one question for those 15,000 fans who went to Wembley, the 7000 who went to Old Trafford and those fans who only seem to lurk around plainmoor at the same time as success. My question is simple- where are you now? Where are you when your formerly successful team needs your backing? When your team needs a roar to push them over the line, like at Wembley in 2009, why aren’t you there?

The Skrill Premier looks like a destination we may have to take a slight D-Tour through if were too succeed again, but surely every team takes a D-Tour every now and again, look at the likes of Manchester United.

I urge you, former gulls, to spread your wings once more, to push our team to survival, to be there to applaud the players who made a fight of it. We’re a yellow army, so let’s show it.

Contributed By Will Taylor


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