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(Last Updated On: July 25, 2015)

Pick up a pen (well, turn on the laptop) and join us.

We are looking for people to contribute to the website. This is a community page and is ‘for the people, by the people’ So we need, well… people!

We are South Devon is already getting thousands of hits daily so if you are an aspiring writer, get involved and let thousands of people see your work.

What are we looking for? Anything of interest to the local community. It could be community news, projects, charity work or lifestyle, (almost) anything goes.

This website is not here to TELL you the news, use sensationalist headlines or give you a bias view of what is going on. It’s here for information, an open platform – for anyone to share news of interest to the people of Torbay and South Devon.

We want to involve everyone and for that to happen, we need your help.

Get in touch – You can email us here or contact us on the facebook page (Be sure to give us a ‘like’) here and you can now find us on twitter @wearesouthdevon


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