Happy first birthday Spotted Torquay!

(Last Updated On: April 30, 2014)

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Spotted Torquay started a whole year ago.. and hasnt it grown!

One year on and a massive 15k people now ‘like’ the page. With up to 500k veiws monthly.

Spotted was pretty controversial in the early days but as time has gone on, the page has been toned down slightly but it’s still as successful.

As other Spotted pages have been shut down, Spotted Torquay stays strong…

Most people will know me as ‘Mr. Spotted’, I set up the page and remain the only admin.
I spend around 4 hours a day on the page. Its not all copying and pasting messages… I spend a lot of time going through messages, trying to reunite people with pets/phones.
A lot of people message asking for advice, I try to seek out the appropriate information for people.  Sometimes people just want a chat…

A lot of people ask if I work and the answer is yes. Full time infact, and I then set up this website (I must like being busy?)

This website is ‘For the people, by the people’ like Spotted, only on a larger scale. I was fed up with reading sensationalist and insenstive headlines. Reading media bias because they’re not prepared to challenge anyone or anything… And so I thought maybe everyday folk could keep each other updated.
A team of bloggers writing about the community…

Spotted had already started posting what was happening around Torbay quicker than the papers, so what if we extended that to the whole of South Devon… And so far, so good!
I get a lot of help with We Are South Devon…

I work with some awesome people. Without them, this site would not be as successful.  We are always looking for more contributors, to help with the continued growth of the page, if you want to join us, let me know.

Anyway back to Spotted…
I don’t know how to celebrate a pages first birthday – Cake, champagne?
Maybe both…
(Who am I kidding, pint of lager and a packet of crisps)

‘Happy Birthday Spotted Torquay!’

Thank you all for helping to make it a success, it wouldnt work without you guys.

Mr. Spotted

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