Homophobia in South Devon, is it a problem?

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(Last Updated On: March 22, 2014)

Following an incident in Torquay this morning in which our editor had homophobic insults shouted at them whilst they went for breakfast at a pub, we ask – Is homophobia a common problem in South Devon or a rare occurrence?

The incident occured around 11.30am this morning. A man in his 30s began shouting at our editor as they passed his table (the man and the 2 people sat with him were not known to the editor)
Ignoring the comments, Editor continues to walk by.. The man not satisfied with being ignored continued to shout abuse, encouraged by his two friends who appeared amused by his actions.

The pub dealt with this swiftly and efficiently. Appropriate action was taken by the duty manager after they were informed (they were not aware that the victim worked for We Are South Devon, so we are confident that this would have happened regardless of who the victim was)

So, is this a regular occurrence – Is homophobia a problem? Do people know how to report hate crimes and confident in doing so?

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To be continued….


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