Hurricane force winds expected Friday night

Torquay seafront

I am not a meteorologist, I don’t even have an A-level in science. Ask me when the surf is good, I can tell you.. that’s as far as it goes.

Thankfully, we have Paul on hand to explain..

‘Storms and spring tides Coastal storm surge occurs when low-pressure weather systems affect the coast and continental shelf. Sea level relaxes (rises) in response to falling barometric pressure, and strong winds can pile water up against the coast. These phenomena both contribute to storm surge, which can coincide with high tide to produce higher than normal sea levels known as a storm tide.

Wave set-up occurs when breaking waves cause the average sea level to rise in the surf zone, which further contributes to coastal inundation when combined with a storm tide.

Mean sea level variations add further to the mix due to seasonal, El Niño / La Niña and multi-decade cycles that can increase the sea level in any month by up to 0.15 to 0.25 m around Great Britain. At even longer timescales, the long-term average sea level is rising due to climate change, and also needs to be factored into risk assessments and land-use planning for coastal inundation’

Let me share some of the input from others..

‘This weekend apparently s**t is gonna get real …stay indoors..’
‘Big waves go splashing s**t….science’
‘Its gonna be windy rainy and sleety ohh and w**k’

Thanks guys, I knew Spotted would be the best place to ask for someone to help with a weather report. Good work!

So batten down the hatches, hurricane force winds are set to hit the region tomorrow night, lasting into Saturday.

And the good news? The bad weather looks like it’s sticking around until the end of the month.


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