Kingsbridge Police warn of 'rogue traders' in the area

(Last Updated On: August 6, 2014)

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Kingsbridge police have warned over ‘rogue traders’ in the area.

They took to facebook to warn locals:

“We have had reports of ‘rogue traders’ in the area. Apparently, they will do a leaflet drop advertising their services of either roofing, building, or driveways and a local number will be on the leaflet. When you ring it you are connected to a mobile phone.

“The people will attend to do the work which will be to a sub-standard and will charge an extortionate amount, often physically taking the customer to the cash point. If you receive a leaflet which you think may be from these people then please get in touch straight away.

“I would recommend using only a reputable local company if you need work doing. Please ensure this message is passed around the Community, especially to the elderly and vulnerable who may not be on facebook.”

They went on to say:
“As I write this, an 80 year old male has called in stating that he handed over £20,000 recently for some work when £4000 had been agreed. This is just outside of the South Hams but has the same M.O so please be aware and vigilant.”

The police can be contacted on their non emergency number 101

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