Life in South Devon; your experiences - From Cardiff to Torbay.

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(Last Updated On: February 27, 2014)

If you are a regular on our facebook page or Spotted Torquay you may have seen this –

“We Are South Devon are looking for someone to write an article on Moving to the area, someone from a city perhaps?

Why you decided to move, how you settled in, any challenges you have faced?”

We have also asked for people that have always lived in South Devon to get in touch.

We have had quite a few responses, here is the first.;

“My Husband and I moved to Torbay in 1999 from a Big City but I didn’t settle well. We moved back to Cardiff in 2003 and as soon as we did, I realised it was a big mistake.We stayed until 2006 until we couldn’t stand being faceless anymore, and its the best thing we ever did coming back to the Bay
Everything about Torbay is great. We cannot understand why people knock it unless they have never lived anywhere else.
We have both experienced illness since moving back and I can assure the people of Torbay that the hospital is the best you will find anywhere, including the Private Sector.
People here have time for you especially the shopkeepers etc. Whether its because being a tourist area they never know if we are local or tourists but they always give you a smile and a ‘good morning’. The pace of life is much slower than big cities and having spent a weekend back in ‘The City’ recently we would definitely never leave the bay.
Eating out is definitely a lot cheaper and a more pleasant experience. Whilst in Cardiff we visited Cardiff Bay to meet up with  old work colleagues. We went to a very ordinary Italian Bistro and had Lasagne, Ravioli and a side salad. A Coke and a tonic Water, and it cost us £45.00 and that was with a discount voucher! Parking cost £5 for 3 hours!!!
I often read bad comments about Torbay but believe me it is a much better place to live in than a lot of other places so enjoy it and stop moaning. Appreciate the beauty that is around you and welcome the tourists. Remember they have to go back home but we are here FOREVER!!!!!”

Contributed by Pat.


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