Local Legend Gary, Opens New Shop In Union Square

(Last Updated On: March 10, 2014)

Gary a local legend has officially opened his new shop in Union Square and we wen’t to see what all the nonsense is all about.


We asked Gary a few questions about his life and why he opened his shop which are below;

Q: How long have you sold flowers for?

A: “I have sold flowers now for about 15 years”

Q: What made you want to open a new shop and not stay in your current location with the stall at the foot of Union Square?

A: “I wanted to open a new shop because the people of Torquay wanted it and it’s somewhere they can come and know we are going to be open regardless of the weather”

Q: Where did the name ‘Monkey’s Like Bananas’ come from?

A: “It was a spur of the moment thing, I own monkeys in Spain and it was something people could have a laugh about, it’s different and I like being different”

Q: Are you enjoying the new shop?

A: “I love it, it’s completely fantastic so far, people are loving the new range we have and love that we are competitive”

Q: When did you open your new store?

A: “I opened the new store last Thursday, so far it’s going great”

Q: As a shop owner in Torquay’s town centre, how do you honestly feel it is doing?

A: “I think things need changing but I honestly feel like things are on the up”

As a new shop opens in the town centre, we feel as though more and more empty shops are being filled up, we would love to know what you think about this.

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Thank you to Gemm for providing us with the questions and pictures.



Jack. 24 years old. Journalist at We Are South Devon and a national political campaigner.