Look To Local Recruitment Agents To Get The Best Service.

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(Last Updated On: February 7, 2014)

Look To Local Recruitment Agents To Get The Best Service.

Having been involved in the Torbay recruitment scene for many years now, I have been constantly surprised and confused about some choices local businesses make when choosing an agency to deal with their positions.  To me it should be quite simple look for local recruitment businesses first.

There are many reasons why but the few most important ones are that they will know the local market, they will understand local pricing and they will also in most cases be professional and have thoroughly interviewed candidates.

Why this is important when you consider choosing an agency is that it is vital you get full value for your recruiting pound. Full value is a 360 degree service which entails full professional care from job concept to candidate selection and aftercare service.

It is very important to remember that by choosing a national or specialised agency that has no presence here the candidates submitted to you will not have been interviewed correctly, you will receive a qualified CV at best and be charged an over rated price for that service. It is easy to fall into the trap due to clever marketing that an agency claims to specialist in a certain field. That maybe the case but they will not be giving you a proper service if they have no presence here.

Local agencies can and do attract the same talent. They will also have experienced consultants to deal with your industry. Candidates feel more comfortable dealing with local agencies as they understand after interview a good local consultant can represent them better.

A valued and very knowledgeable business man called Jim Cowden, whom has trained senior members in blue chip worldwide companies, and has written numerous business books once told me his reason for choosing us. “I always deal with local agencies because when I find a good one I know I always get the A-Team. Simply because there is no B-Team.  I have dealt with large nationals before that promise the earth and when the process has begun it is clear they have handed me down the line”. Very true words.

What is also very important is the understanding of what local candidates like to see in a job description. This expertise can only be known by local agents that understand the geographical area and the needs of its job seekers. Attracting candidates is a very precise technique in this network of vast amounts of media. Getting it right the first time is vital as diluted jobs no longer attract candidates and may portray a negative image.

Supporting your local agencies is so important because it keeps the recruitment expertise in the bay, this in turn effectively will provide a much better local service. Recruiting is investing in your businesses future. Surely you wouldn’t just trust anyone with that responsibility.

The true value and expertise in recruiting a professional is only made clear when you have seen the devastation and expense of recruiting an amateur.

If you use agencies or if you are going to be on the lookout for talent, do yourself and favour and look at what the small independents can offer you. I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

Reputation is everything to the small independents, they will go the extra mile to provide you with an honest and transparent service. They will also go the extra mile to ensure you get a true and valued aftercare service.

Graeme Ross, Partner, Emmerson-Ross Recruitment.


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