Met office issue amber warning for Devon this weekend

The met office have issued an Amber weather warning for Saturday, saying that we may experience  torrential downpours, lightning, hail and locally strong gusts.

South Devon experienced lightning storms last night

And Lighning storms are currently travelling in this direction…

A spokesperson for the Met office said: “Areas of heavy, thundery showers may develop over England and Wales from  early on Saturday before moving northwards during the day. The development  of these is uncertain but where they do form some torrential downpours are possible with frequent lightning, hail and locally strong gusts. Significant flooding is possible where these do occur from surface water as well as small,  fast responding watercourses. The frequent lightning, hail and strong gusts  could also be an additional hazard.

“The public should be aware of the risk of disruption from any of these  elements. This alert is likely to be updated in the coming days.”

A Chief Forecaster added: “Following a build of  very warm and humid air from mid-week onwards there is the potential for the  development of large thunderstorms over England and Wales from early on  Saturday.

“In this situation large amounts of energy are available in the atmosphere  and this coupled with high moisture content can lead to torrential downpours  along with frequent lightning activity, hail and locally strong gusts. In this  situation many elements need to come together at the same time to form these  thunderstorms and so there remains large uncertainty in their development.  ”

So what is an ‘Amber’ warning?
To be prepared….

“BE PREPARED. Take precautions where possible and ensure you access the latest weather forecast. BE PREPARED for some disruption to normal daily routines. Travel only if well prepared and BE PREPARED for longer journey times.”

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