Police seek information after driver spits on cyclist

(Last Updated On: December 3, 2014)

Police in Dawlish took to Facebook to appeal for information after a car driver verbally abused and then spat on a cyclist on Sunday.

Dawlish Neighbourhood Police said on their Facebook page:
On Sunday 30th November at around 08.30 a group of cyclists were riding down the A379 from Dawlish towards Dawlish Warren. A vehicle overtook the cyclist as they were passing Leadstone Camp Site and an object was thrown out of the window at the cyclist. The vehicle then stopped in the road, forcing the cyclist to brake and stop. The male driver of the vehicle became verbally abusive accusing the cyclist of taking up all of the road. The offending vehicle then drove off. A few minutes later further along the road by the humps past the junction of Week Lane, the cyclist came across the vehicle again, which had stopped in the road. The cyclist stopped beside the vehicle and asked the driver what his problem was. The driver relplied with “F*****g cyclists”, flung his door open and said “do you want to have a go”? he then spat on the cyclist which landed on his shoulder and leg. the driver then called the cyclist “a piece of s**t” then drove off.

The driver was described as a large male with short fair hair and glasses. He had a young boxer type dog with him and was driving a silver Rover 25.
It was believed that this male was on his way to the beach to walk his dog.

If you have any information regarding the identity of this male, please either PM me or call 08456 567705 or 101 quoting crime number CR/126712/14 This driver needs some serious words of advice administering regarding his conduct.

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