Police warning after power tools stolen from van

(Last Updated On: November 22, 2014)

Kingsbridge police have warned people to lock their tools away securely after break ins around South Devon Police took to Facebook yesterday and posted:

“Last week a van was broken into in Kingsbridge and a large amount of power tools were stolen. Last night there were some shed breaks in the Salcombe area and again, Power tools were stolen. Please ensure your tools are securely locked away, ideally indoors. Keep a record of their makes and serial numbers, mark them with something to make them identifiable, and if you see anything at all which you think is supicious then please get in touch. We’d rather attend a false alarm then not at all.”

Social media has become a fast and effective way for police to get information out to the public. Facebook and Twitter being very popular with both individuals and teams within the police force.


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