Red Thumb Campaign

red thumb
(Last Updated On: June 6, 2014)

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If you have been on social media or listening to local in the past 2-3 weeks it is likely that you have heard of this campaign. The campaign was launched on 16th May 2014 on websites such as Facebook and Twitter with hopes to become viral and throughout June activities will be happening to promote the campaign.

Initially when I first heard of this campaign I was rather confused, I’d only heard once about the painted thumb it was meant to involve but I never knew why. Turns out this campaign was started in America where a man had painted his thumbnail red to remind him not to look at his phone while driving. This red nail reminded them of the message every time they saw it.

So why is it over here? Well the Learn2Live partnership has contacted the American organisers and has been given permission to introduce the campaign to the UK.

Many companies/organisations throughout the Devon area have become involved with this campaign for example Devon County Council, Devon and Cornwall Police, Torbay Council and Devon Air Ambulance.

For further information please visit the websites and

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