Reports of theft from vehicles in Torbay and Teignbridge

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(Last Updated On: January 9, 2014)

For those of you that read ‘Spotted Torquay’ (You can find the feed from the facebook page in the ‘new’s and views’ section of this site) you may have seen a number of posts over the past few days of thefts from vehicles (Particularly works vans) in the Torbay and Teignbridge area.

Here are some precautions you may wish to take if you have a van that you use for work.

•  If you do not have a garage, park in busy, well-lit areas.

• Lock your van’s doors and close the windows when you’re away from it, even for a short time. Don’t leave any valuables such as phones or sat-navs visible, and never leave the keys in the van.

• Whenever possible, remove stock, tools and other equipment from the van, especially when leaving it overnight.

• If you have an invisible security device such as a tracker or an alarm, make sure that prospective thieves know about it by placing a warning sticker on your van – this could be enough to put them off.

And of course make sure your vehicle has insurance that covers your needs.




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