Shaldon triplets - New arrivals for Shaldon Wildlife Trust

Meeny, Miny and Mo
(Last Updated On: September 3, 2014)

We have met Torbay’s triplets. Now we meet Shaldon’s triplets: Meeny, Miny and Mo!

These rare marmosets, from South America, are the world’s smallest monkeys. Males weigh in at just over 100g, females are a little heavier at just over 122g and new-borns are only 16g!

Staff at the Trust believe that this could be a worlds’ first for a mother to rear all three offspring successfully.

Meeny, Miny and Mo

Meeny, Miny and Mo


Julie Matthews, Education Officer at the zoo said ‘The pair, mum Mindy who came from Edinburgh Zoo and dad Mork from a zoo in the CzechRepublic, previously had only one offspring, twins are more common, and although triplets are not unheard of it is extremely rare for all 3 to survive. The babies, named Meeny, Miny and Mo can be seen on dad’s back, going back to mum for suckling, just recently however they have been seen exploring their environment, coming off dad’s back for a little while before scurrying back to safety. The family will be on the move soon, as we are busy refurbishing a larger enclosure, giving more room for this expanding family’

These mini monkeys are at threat in the wild from habitat destruction and are still taken for the pet trade. Despite being one of the cutest things you’ve ever seen; they really do not make good pets” says Julie “They need to live in social groups and have a very specialised diet including lots of live insects and acacia gum (tree sap) which we make into a paste and smear on branches to encourage natural gouging behaviours.”

Visitors can see these amazing animals at the Trust which is located in the coastal village of Shaldon, South Devon every day from 10am to 5pm.

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