What a Shock - Pregnant with triplets, part 2

(Last Updated On: July 15, 2014)

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12-13 weeks. Pregnant with Triplets:

After the sonographer had broken the news to us she asked us to go sit in a consulting room, we had a short wait to speak to someone else. The first few minutes in the room Martin, Tia and I all just sat in silence staring at each other. None of us knew exactly what to say! Ok I’m lying slightly, Martin had broken the silence a few seconds before with an elongated, over emphasised F word!

I think maybe I was in shock because I started to laugh uncontrollably and hysterically! Martin just stared looking confused and Tia… well forget what I said about the Kevin and Perry phase she seemed to be the only mature one in the room, rolling her eyes at us and asking “Why Mum? Why do you always have to go one step further with everything you do?”

Tia’s comment was pretty valid! I don’t do anything by halves. I once bought Tia a skateboard, neither of us even knew how to even stand/balance on one but I decided that by watching a 30 second YouTube video I could run, jump on to the skateboard and do a jump over a little kerb off the path in my back garden. The running part I had down to a T! Hey I even managed to jump onto the skateboard but that was swiftly followed by me flying backwards through the air, landing flat on my back, breaking a couple of toes on the way down, cracking a rib and almost knocking myself out cold! Halloween…. My neighbours put out a few pumpkins, well I have to recreate a horror movie grave yard in my front garden with replica gravestones, life size dead bodies and mummies, pretty rank looking fake internal organs a whole lot of random hacked off body parts! These are just 2 examples of me always going over the top, I could give a whole lot more examples but this would become a completely different blog! And I know my mother in law will be reading this hoping that at some point I mention the time I got stuck to the bath…. Yeah that’s not going to happen Jayne!

A senior midwife came into the consulting room and explained that we would need to see a specialist and have another scan done for them to do measurements on the babies and discuss our options. That appointment was booked for a week later. We left the hospital and Martin, Tia and I had pretty much decided that this exactly the kind of thing that would happen to us. Triplets! There is no point worrying, no point stressing let’s just face each challenge and it comes!

We had only told our parents and a small few of our best friends about us being pregnant and we had promised to call each of them as soon as we got out of the hospital, we already had a few missed calls because our appointment had taken a lot longer than expected due to the news we received!

Because my family live in Liverpool I had to break the news to them over the phone, I tried to call my step mum Marie, she didn’t answer even after my tenth attempt. I called my dad, he never normally answers his but for once he did. He asked how the scan went, I couldn’t get the words out of my mouth to start, I just kept stuttering “it was fine, it was ok but…but….but”. But what Melanie, what? “It’s not just one baby dad” he quickly laughed at me and blurted out twins. “No dad not twins”.  Huh what you on about girl! (Said in probably one of the strongest scouse accents you will ever hear!) “Dad! We are having triplets”. He didn’t believe me to start, I can’t repeat his exact words but it took until I burst into tears for him to realise this wasn’t one of my usual prank calls! Poor fella I’ve called him up saying some pretty random things in my time but the fact that this one wasn’t a wind up probably made it even more awkward for him! My step mum called me when she got home and after 10 minutes of trying to convince her it wasn’t a joke the call just consisted of her laughing at me and basically saying “only bloody you Melanie”!

We went to Martins mums (Jayne) that evening, she had called to ask how the scan went but we simply told her it was all good and we would pop around to show her the pictures! There was a bit of a gathering at Jayne’s, Granny Peggy was down from London and her 2 sisters from Canada  and Martins sister Carrie, they all sat around and we announced we had 4 pictures to show them. We still hadn’t told them yet that we are expecting triplets! We passed them a picture and said this is number 1, next picture this is number 2, next picture this is number 3, at this point only Granny had clocked on to another blob in 1 of the scan photos and nonchalantly said “looks like more than 1 baby in this picture”. Martin Tia and I just grinned at each other and then went to hand out the fourth and final picture and announced “This is all 3 babies together!” Oh my days! Thankfully high pitched screaming can’t bring on labour! The room erupted, a lot of jumping and screaming. I’ve got to say in this case photo evidence worked a lot better than one of my phone calls!

Have you ever had to tell people something important and they wouldn’t believe you? Well the next week of our lives pretty much consisted of that! We went on to announce to other family members and friends that we are expecting triplets and the general response went a little something like this: It’s not even April fools yet, you’re a bit early aren’t you! Or I want to see pictures because I just don’t believe you! We even had a few people say to us…. They are photo shopped! We had to show a letter that the hospital had printed out confirming triplets. Once people started to believe us they all just laughed at us.

According to me app at 12 weeks an individual baby is around 5cm long from head to bum and weighs about 14g.

We have our appointment to see the consultant in 1 week from this all happening, the discussion was enough to make my excitement about triplets turn in to a whole lot of worry and confusion.

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