What a Shock - Pregnant with Triplets, part 4

(Last Updated On: July 15, 2014)

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Part 4

16 – 17 Weeks. Pregnant with Triplets:

Martin had come into the bathroom while I was being sick. I couldn’t ask for a more supportive person in my life, every time I was sick he was there with a glass of fresh water and trying to do anything he could to help. He saw my face as soon as I had noticed all of the blood and he quickly saw it for himself.

I quickly crossed my legs as tight as I could, I don’t know why, I thought maybe I could stop anything else coming out or stop anything bad from happening I didn’t want to uncross them, I was scared to move. I started to bark orders like some mad Military Sergeant “Tia, go to my room and grab, clean underwear form this draw” “Martin, go downstairs and grab the blue book from the shelf in the living room” “Tia, go downstairs and grab these clothes from the line” “Martin, go get the car started”.

I jumped in the car and called the emergency midwives number, I explained what was happening and they asked me to go straight to the delivery ward. I was crying my eyes out the entire car journey, telling myself over and over the babies are all dead! We rushed straight into the hospital and was taken straight into a delivery room on the labour ward, the bleeding hadn’t stopped and I quickly felt the uncontrollable need to go the toilet and as soon as I took my underwear down 2 large clots just left me.

Looking back on it all now I must have looked a complete hobo when I arrived at the hospital. Mismatched clothes that seriously needed ironing and oh no my knickers…. The kind of pair that have been in the back of my underwear draw for years complete with holes! Ones that should have been binned a long time ago but for some reason haven’t! Ones that should never see the light of day! Please tell me I’m not the only person who has a pair of these?

I knew deep down that there was nothing the hospital could do if this was a miscarriage, I knew there was no way of stopping it and I would be told just to let nature take over but it didn’t stop me hoping and wishing there was something, anything they could do.

Not long after arriving at the hospital a lovely Doctor called Georgia (Georgia had observed in our first appointment it was nice to see a familiar face, such a friendly one at that) came to the delivery room with a portable ultrasound machine, first she done an internal check on me and informed me my cervix was closed which is apparently a good thing and then she moved on to do the scan, I didn’t want to look at the screen, I didn’t want to ask any questions I was too scared of what I would or wouldn’t see and I was far too scared to hear the answers. Georgia calmly explained that all of my babies still have their heartbeats and where all bouncing around oblivious to the drama going on in the outside world! She also had to inform me that bleeding like this does increase my chance of a miscarriage and this type of bleed could be referred to as a threatened miscarriage.

I was astounded! All of the babies are still inside of me? All bouncing with good strong heartbeats! No one knows for certain why I lost so much blood or where it came from, I could of popped a vessel whilst straining being sick, my placenta lays low so I could of pulled part of it away from the wall, there is a number of possibly maybes but the fact is we will never know for sure why!

I had to spend almost a week in hospital, it was only during this time that reality kicked in as to how dangerous this pregnancy is for me and for the babies. I was severely dehydrated and I had to have about 7 litres of fluid pumped into me over a 48 hour period, this is something that was affecting my health and the babies. My heart was not coping with the excessive amount of blood it was now flowing around my body, my heart rate even during sleep or sat doing nothing was exceeding 140 beats a minute and regardless to what they tried they struggled to get it to 110 but couldn’t get it any lower and the bleeding slowed but didn’t stop until the day I left the hospital. The fast growing and pressure was clearly something my body was struggling with.

Before being discharged from the hospital the consultant I had been assigned (Miss P) came and done a final scan and checks, the checks she was going to do at my 17 week appointment a matter of days later. I felt slightly more relaxed during this scan well enough to look at the screen and from what I could see all of the babies looked happy and healthy and as in previous scans all bouncing around but I’m no expert! Miss P had some concerning news for us. Apparently in all multiple pregnancies they would expect one baby to be smaller than the others however this occurs most often when they are identical. 2 of our babies are identical and 1 is what is classed as a singleton, because the identical babies share a placenta one is often getting more than the other. Me….. I had to do things the total opposite to the norm! My identical babies are measuring almost the same as each other and pretty much bang on to the size any other baby would be at this stage. The singleton however was not within the right range, he/she was measuring 2 weeks behind in size this includes length, head size, abdominal size – everything she measured was too small! She had to break the news to us that although the baby has a heartbeat at the moment the chances of him/her dying increased. Apparently it’s not a good sign to be so small at this stage and if I am to follow normal odds/statistics he or she doesn’t stand much chance of surviving much longer.

My brain is overloaded, the next couple of days passed in a blur, I don’t remember what exactly I done at home all I can remember is the constant worries plaguing my mind. I couldn’t go to the toilet without being scared, every time I pulled my underwear down I expected to see something that shouldn’t be there. I was petrified to eat even though I knew I had to, what happens if it makes me sick again? What happens if the straining is just too much this time? I tried my hardest to put on a brave face for Tia and martin but I didn’t do a great job at it, I was an emotional wreck and I had convinced myself I’m just a ticking time bomb, waiting for the worst to happen.

17 Weeks pregnant – the point that maybe I should feel more relaxed, but with what has happened over the last couple of days I don’t feel like this is relevant anymore.

*If you would like to see regular update on my pregnancy please do look for us on Facebook. www.facebook.com/torbaytriplets

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the staff on the Women’s Health department at Torbay hospital, the delivery suite staff, the staff on the John McPherson Ward, the doctors who performed my scans and all of the nurses, midwives, healthcare assistants, the receptionist, the catering staff and the cleaner and anyone I may have missed. They done such a fantastic job of looking after me, reassuring me and making me as comfortable as possible and probably most importantly listening and talking to me when I was worrying.

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