South Devon mum talks about the day her life changed forever

Police car

When the police arrive at your house and tell you to sit down, you know that what they are about to tell you will change your life forever.

Here, Jackie Brealy from Denbury shares her families story.

And Greg, the police officer who had to break the news, shares his memories of that day

After Paul died, Jackie set up P-A-U-L-Y  ‘Parents All United Lifesaving Youngsters’.  Jackie hopes the organisation will educate youngsters and make them aware of the dangers of that may face them on the roads.

‘Nothing in the world can ever prepare you for losing a son, a brother, a grandson, a nephew or a best friend.  When you lose a child you also lose part of your life, and losing Paul was life changing for all of us.  Paul loved his family to bits and was a huge part of all our lives, and for my own and everyone else’s sake I wanted to do something to keep his memory alive, that would also help us to cope with the grief and devastation we were all feeling, and something from which we could all draw comfort knowing that Paul’s death hadn’t been completely in vain.’

Jackie is asking for people to sign an online petition that she has set up which asks to:

1) Improve road safety through education, by making it part of the School Curriculum from year 7 upwards.

2) Improve road safety through enforcement, by bringing back our Traffic Police.

3) Introduce a ‘Zero Tolerance’ policy for drivers under the age of 25 who commit serious road offences.

4) Make the Pass Plus Driving Course an integral part of the initial driving lessons and Driving Test.

To sign the petition visit

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