Spectacular fireworks display lights up the sky

(Last Updated On: November 6, 2014)

Having only viewed this Firework Display from afar in previous years, this year was different.

At the end of last year we were lucky enough to move to a new house a lot closer to Sherwell Valley, which meant that we could definitely take advantage of this.

After rushing home from work, parking up and grabbing some food we decided to head to our viewing position.

This was about 6.45pm and the roads were solid! People who use the road down past Sherwell Valley Primary will be used to traffic in the mornings, but this was mayhem!

Grass verges with abandoned cars all around Drake Avenue and Frobisher Green with the families and spectators all heading down in the valley towards the school.

With the tannoy in the distance counting down from 10, the echoes of the crowds could be heard joining in with the count down and dead on 7.15pm up went the first of the display.

Excellent!! Eye level viewing!!

We chose to be up on Drake Avenue above the school and Sherwell Valley to save craning our necks, and it paid off.

As we were taking the photographs and watching the display in front of us there were several times we thought ‘That is a good finale’ only for a small pause and the display to get bigger and better!!

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With the display coming to a close after running for a good 23 minutes I would definitely recommend to people that this is a display to visit next year.

Unfortunately I am unable to comment on what was going on within the grounds of Sherwell Valley Primary but judging by the music coming from the PA and the enthusiastic announcer, I would say a good night was had by all!

Here is to next year!!

Glenn Bowden