A splash of colour for Walls Hill shelter - Your thoughts....

Walls hill
(Last Updated On: April 16, 2014)

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The Shelter on Walls Hill, Torquay has had a makeover.

A post by Itchier Itch on Facebook (Monday 14/04) Showed the new colourful look of the Shelter.
This photo was posted titled ‘Over thinking. Torquay.’

The street artist was also responsible for turning Paignton’s milk bottle into a coke bottle last December.

Milk bottle Paignton

Itchier Itch is well known in Torbay for his ‘Free art Friday’ giveaways, where he leaves pieces of his artwork dotted around in random places, free to whoever finds them.

What do you think of the colourful new look of the shelter – Love it, hate it?
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