Torbay Alternative Music

Fans at a Demon's Of Old Metal gig

Torbay Alternative Music is a new non-profit organisation set up by local bands and musicians in the Torbay area. It has the aim of promoting local alternative bands, venues and events; specialising in the genres of rock, metal and punk.

For more than 5 years, Ryan’s Bar in Torquay was the hub of local alternative music. Often there would be live music all 7 nights of the week that friends and fans would flock into to attend. A real sense of community was born out of this single venue and gave bands a chance to perform and promote themselves. However in January 2014, after many years of aiding this scene, the owners of Ryan’s Bar hosted its last rock/punk/metal events and since the new change of ownership there has since been no alternative music performed there. After this, local alternative bands have had the choice to either stop gigging, play in unaccomodating pubs and venues in the area or travel further afar.

Dr.No playing live at Ryan's Bar

Dr.No playing live at Ryan’s Bar

Speaking as a local musician myself, my band recently traveled 80 miles to Newquay to play a gig for no money in front of 20 people. From this point on i realised that something needed to be done to preserve alternative music in Torbay and revive the sense of community that once thrived in the local area. Since the project’s establishment, musicians, bands, venues and general fans of alternative music, not just in Torbay but the whole of South Devon, have expressed their interest and appreciation of this attempted resurgence. There are 3 events currently being promoted, organised and sponsored by Torbay Alternative Music taking place in the near future in Paignton and Torquay and the project is still looking for bands to join its ranks, and particularly pubs and venues in Torbay who are willing to open their doors to alternative music and aid the community.

Fans at a Demon's Of Old Metal gig

Fans at a Demon’s Of Old Metal gig

If you are interested in helping the project, joining its ranks or know of any bands and venues that may help the project please contact us at or 07821185390.
Or if you want to follow the events and learn more about Torbay Alternative Music, visit

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Torbay Alternative Music


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