Torquay house fenced off from squatters

Torquay house
(Last Updated On: March 1, 2014)

We visited an abandoned house on Petitor Road, Torquay  today, squatters have inhabited the house for the past 7 years.

A local resident had this to say:

“An old couple split up about 8 years ago and moved out of the house, the son of the family moved in and lived there for a year before he eventually left too”

The old victorian house has been a popular site for squatters, who have been kicked out by construction workers to try and stem the trespassing. Fences have been erected around the property in the last 6 months which help keep people out.

We have a gallery below of the house which is in a state of disrepair.

Jack. 24 years old. Journalist at We Are South Devon and a national political campaigner.