Torquay man warns others to wear helmet after his face was sewn back together

After being treated
(Last Updated On: July 11, 2014)
A Torquay man has warned about the dangers of not wearning a helmet after coming off of his mountain bike at a bike trail near Cockington.

After falling of his bike whilst travelling around 25 mph, Trevor Williams, 47 ended up receiving over 40 stitches. He is sharing these photos to try and prevent the same happening to someone else.

Trevor was on one of the new trails near Cockington when he came to a bend and the bike skidded on gravel. Trevor and his son had a long walk back up the trail and thank the bikers that helped them along the way. They also thank a nurse who was walking her dog, who came over to help and a man in a white van who stopped to help them get Trevor’s son’s bike into the car. Trevor’s bike was left at the scene.

Trevor was then driven to hospital and after a wait in A&E, was seen by a specialist and received over 40 stitches, steri strips and had parts of his face glued back together. The family state that the Doctor did an amazing job.

Trevor is now recovering at home and is taking painkillers and antibiotics.

Trevors bike was collected the next day and remained in the same place that it was left.

His partner told us:
“A small price but a hard lesson for not wearing a helmet”

We wish Trevor a speedy recovery and thank him for sharing his story.

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