Wacky Rally 2014 - General Lee. Supporting Devon Air Ambulance

Wacky Rally
(Last Updated On: March 14, 2014)

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My name is Josh Langdon, myself and my two friends – Tyler Pleass and Mike Ogorman) are about to take part in an amazing adventure which will see us drive across Europe in a car worth no more than £200 as part of a charity event called ‘Wacky Rally’ The event itself takes place in July and will see us and our General Lee joined by eighty plus cars from around the UK.

The rally begins in Lille in France and ends on day four in Barcelona covering a total distance of approximately 1500 miles Each way, which in a normal car no problem. However our car is 20 years old this year, even older than I am! Although she supports a fresh lick of paint she has had a hard life!

As Wacky Rally is a charity event we have chosen to support Devon Air Ambulance and I believe the work they do without any state financial support is truly incredible. The Helicopters and all costs associated with the running of such a service  are covered by the donations from the People of Devon. Without these donations Devon would be without an Air Ambulance service, and to date the two helicopters have flown 20618 missions and costs around £4.5 million pounds to keep them airborne.

During the time that I’ve owned the 306 it has transformed its appearance. Its had a lot of work for its mot and even more so to create our theme, which is the dukes of hazzard’s car The General lee, complete with 140db Dixie horns!

The 306 will be joined at the start line by around 80+ other rally cars from around the uk.  The route for the rally is as follows.  Day 1 – Lille to Thun

We start at Lille at 7:30am and head to Thun. We do five countries in one drive today (it’s a long route but we didn’t put Switzerland where it is). Thun is a stunning Swiss town set in the middle of the Alps and the meeting point is a bar next to a picturesque weir.

Day 2 Day of Days:
The second day of the rally is where the fun driving really begins, after leaving Thun we head off over the Alps which is a stunning drive passing over the Gran St Bernard pass where the Italian job was filmed (bus over the cliff scene). We have the option to go through the tunnel, but going over the pass will be part of the days challenge. The final destination is Salze D\’Oulx, an Italian Ski town that we have pretty much to ourselves for the night.

Day 3 Monte Carlo or Bust:
Travelling from the heart of the mountains and stunning countryside we head off to the French Riviera over one more picturesque mountain pass. We pass by Monte Carlo and we will stop off for a few hours to take in the city .The destination is the Historic French city of Arles.

Day 4 Barcelona or Busted
The destination after Arles is Barcelona. This is a short drive so we make a detour to the Costa Brava to enjoy beers and ice cream at Lloret De Mar before heading off to the final party and award ceremony. This will be held at a lively sports bar on Las Ramblas.

You can find out more here:  wackyrally.co.uk and the charity that we are supporting: daat.org

More about us: I’m Josh Langdon I’m a mechical technician for Evans Halshaw Vauxhall in Plymouth I’ve always had a keen  interest in Peugeots and have helped to build many a strange contraption! I have another Peugeot which is a limited edition Peugeot 106 rallye 1 of 500 made and one of 357 left on uk roads. My friend Tyler Pleass is a carpenter and also shares my interest in all things mechanical. And my friend Mike Ogorman is a barber at Trokoderos in Torquay, knowing each other since a young age I’m sure we will get through the trip without a hitch, we wanted to do the rally last year but weren’t old enough to drive on the continent but now we are all 19 now, so no problem!

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