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We have a large number of readers, our website gets thousands of daily views and our social media pages We Are South Devon and Spotted Torquay reach millions of people every month.

We are looking for articles of interest to the people of South Devon. Here are just some of the categories on our website:
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We’re pretty flexible and open minded – got an idea? Get in touch.

We are always looking for new writers and interesting articles. We Are South Devon was set up as a community news website to give local people a platform to publish their work. Local news and information, for the people, by the people.

We can’t publish everything submitted for obvious reasons. Please feel free to get in touch about article category/content prior to writing to see if it is something we’d consider for the website. It may be necessary to edit your article/headline. We will speak to you should this be the case. Content should be accurate, interesting and full. We love photos but there needs to be text with it. If you would just like a photo/album or video published, still get in touch, it may be more suitable for our social media pages.

If you are writing about you business or sending us a press release, the content of the article should not be about marketing your product, service or event. We do have services that may suit your advertising requirement.  Anything that is advertisement based will not be published. However, if you are writing an article in relation to something your business specialises in, we do allow a link to your business within your author/bio box below the article. For example, if you are writing about the importance of first aid/ locations of defibs/ health news you as the author can have in your bio box that you are a first aid trainer along with your contact details.

If you want to become a regular contributor, we can set you up an account. Please send us a photo (not compulsory) and bio.

Who currently writes for us? We have a doctor, a retired teacher, a school, various charities and the WASD community news team. We love for more businesses, charities, schools, organisations and individuals to get involved.

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