Kings Ash Academy: Parliament, Voting and Political Parties

kings ash 1

We have had a very exciting visit from Parliament at Kings Ash Academy. Roz Birch from the Parliament Education Service came to visit us. She regularly works at Parliament and visits schools to teach them about life in Parliament and the day-to-day work in Parliament. As a school, we were able to play the role of MPs, Peers and the Queen to pass a new law. Year 5 explored the history of the vote, held a debate and then voted. Year 6 investigated political parties, created their own manifestos, shared these and then voted for their political party.

The day started with a very informative assembly. We learnt about The House of Commons, The House of Lords and the Queen. We were able to explore and understand what these are and how they are linked to one another. We were able to act out the passing of a new law in order to help us understand how Parliament works in real life. We also learnt about our MP and how to become an MP.

Year 5 then focused on the history of the vote. We learnt about voting in the House of Lords and House of Commons. Year 5 were split into the Government and the Opposition. We debated as to whether children aged 16 should be able to vote. We then took a vote and in our Parliament we voted for the age of voting to be reduced to 16.

Year 6 investigated what political parties are and had an election. We talked about the government and political parties. We were put into groups and had to come up with a name for our political parties, a manifesto and a leader. We gave a presentation about our political parties and then voted for a party. The Animal Education won with an excellent idea of a mini zoo: you learn about the animals in English, divide the food in maths, and learn about their bodies in science.

It was an excellent day and we learnt so much about Parliament, thank you very much to Roz Birch.


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