TDA support provides The Scarlett Rainbow Company confidence to grow

The Scarlett Rainbow Company
(Last Updated On: June 1, 2016)

Sharon Wilson started her haberdashery and alterations business 13 months ago with help from the New Enterprise Allowance delivered by the TDA and has gone from strength to strength.

The haberdashery is sold at Brixham’s indoor market and her first few sessions prove to be a success. Sharon always intended to add a seamstress service to the business and this is the side that has really taken off for her.

Sharon is commissioned to make men’s suits and wedding dresses and is so busy she has had to draft her mother and daughter in to keep up with demand.

If this was not enough, Sharon has now taken on the organisation of the market as she has just been given a 3 month temporary contract before the position goes out for tender. Sharon and the market team intend to bid for the contract when it comes up for renewal.

The Scarlett Rainbow Company

Sharon has organised the stall holders into a co-operative and they all pay into a central fund. From this, Sharon pays the rent on the hall and with any spare funds they promote the market and help recruit new members to fill the vacant stalls.

Sharon says: “The great thing about the business is that it has increased my confidence and I have found that I am capable of so much more than just doing adjustments. This new found confidence has enabled me to take on complete clothing projects as well as the management of the market.

“The help from the TDA as part of the New Enterprise Allowance has also been instrumental in my progress. It is great, knowing that there is support there at any time, which provides reassurance that I can achieve my business goals.”


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