Dartmoor Lynx still on the loose but he's found Twitter

Lynx Dartmoor
(Last Updated On: July 9, 2016)

The Dartmoor lynx continues to evade capture after escaping Dartmoor Zoo but he’s keeping everyone updated on Twitter.

Humane traps have been set in hope of catching the lynx which escaped from Dartmoor Zoo overnight between Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th July but as yet, with no result.

The Police have released drone footage of them locating the Lynx using thermal imaging cameras. The humane bait traps were then set. It is the first time the drones have been used by Devon and Cornwall Police to look for a wild animal.

In response to the footage ‘Dartmoor Lynx’ Posted on Twitter:

Dartmoor Zoo reopened today after being closed on Thursday and Friday.

The animal should not be approached as it could become dangerous if alarmed or cornered.

The public are reminded to call 999 if they make a sighting of the lynx, in both cases quoting log 252 of 7th July 2016


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