Exmouth RNLI volunteers rescue man from the water after boat sinks

(Last Updated On: October 13, 2016)

Inshore lifeboat George Bearman launched at 7pm on 11 October to a man in the water, discovered by off-duty Exmouth Beach Rescue volunteers, as daylight was fading.

Crew volunteers were on scene, 300m south of the lifeboat station within five minutes. Two Exmouth Beach Rescue Club volunteers had discovered the casualty in the water after spotting flare smoke, during their training session.

The casualty’s small powerboat had been swamped by waves crashing off the sand bar in easterly winds and had started to sink. Crew volunteers recovered the casualty to the D class lifeboat and searched for around 45 minutes in the dark for his submerged vessel. The powerboat was found by torchlight and recovered to the beach for the casualty to collect the following day.

Deputy Launching Authority, Freddie Woodcock commented:  “It was very lucky that the Beach Rescue Club volunteers were in the right place at the right time and spotted the smoke by chance. Although the casualty was wearing a suitable lifejacket and carrying flares, his personal Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons failed. We advised regular servicing and consideration of VHF radio to be fitted.”



Team account for We Are South Devon.