Ageing Better's Stronger Together Festival of Co-production Learning

(Last Updated On: May 8, 2021)

The Stronger Together: Festival of Co-Production Learning is showcasing the work of organisations around the country, including Ageing Well Torbay, with a series of virtual workshops and sessions.

This festival is highlighting what has been achieved through the past seven years of co-production to reduce loneliness and isolation experienced by people over the age of fifty around the UK.

These sessions are free, and all take place via Zoom (bookings for each session made via EventBrite)

The sessions hosted during the festival will include:

The National Ageing Better Co-production Toolkit Demonstration – Tue 11th May, 11:45am – 12:15pm
Ageing Better organisations from around the UK have been collaborating to develop an online toolkit over the last 15 months, with over 60 members of steering groups from across the Ageing Better network.

In this session it will be revealed what the toolkit looks like and demonstrate how it works. The key features will be explained; and you’ll be talked through how everyone can get the most out of what it has to offer.
Over the course of the festival, the toolkit will be brought to life through workshops, discussions, presentations and conversations, which are all centred around the themes of the toolkit itself.

Co-Production in a Crisis with Ageing Well Torbay – Tue 11th May 2021, 12:45pm – 1:30pm
Join Simon Sherbersky, Torbay Community Development Trust’s Strategic Director, and Jo Williams, Director of Adult Social Care with Torbay Council, discussing how Torbay is building on Torbay Community Helpline’s response to Covid-19 to create a new front door for those in need around the bay.

Co-Production in Research – Insights from Bristol & Torbay – Tue, 11 May 2021, 12:45pm – 1:45pm
Ageing Better Research Teams in Torbay & Bristol will share their co-research learning with you in a more interactive way.

Are you an organisation interested in working together with members of the public to carry out research? Do you wonder how a co-production approach can be applied within a research setting?
This interactive workshop will explore how the Ageing Better programmes in Bristol and Torbay co-produced research with local volunteers aged 50+.

Co-Production in a Crisis: Learning to Dance on a Shifting Carpet – Tue, May 11, 2021, 1:45pm – 2:45pm
Join Ageing Well Torbay for this fun and interactive session with some serious learning about how to co-produce in a crisis. Ageing Well Torbay have worked with community partners, citizens and volunteers during the Covid-19 pandemic in a unique and inspiring way, and want to help you to find ways of navigating your way through any challenging situation. Find out how through a collaborative approach you can work with the people in your communities to come up with workable solutions.

An Introduction to Asset Based Community Development with Martin Simon – Wed, 12 May 2021, 10am – 10:45am
An Introduction to Asset Based Community Development.
Tracey Cabache, Operations Director for Torbay Community Development Trust and Martin Simon, leading expert on Asset Based Community Development will introduce ABCD as an approach, explaining what it is, and why it became an intrinstic part of the community development approach adopted by Ageing Well Torbay.
If you would like to find out how to embed ABCD within your service, project or community or gain further insights from those who are leading experts in this approach then this session is for you…

Harnessing Community Strengths: An ABCD approach to Co-Production – Wed, 12 May 2021, 11am – 12:30pm
An ABCD approach to Co-Production will showcase the approach that has allowed us here in Torbay to successfully work with the communities locally for the past seven years.

Ice Creams & Seagulls: A Virtual Co-Production board game – Wed, 12 May 2021, 1:30pm – 3pm
A live interactive Board Game to illustrate Ageing Well Torbay’s “Test & Learn” approach to Asset Based Community Development – followed by a discussion on what was discovered.
This is a two-part workshop where you will firstly interact with a fun & innovative ABCD Board Game live, with Ageing Well Torbay’s Game Show Host, followed by discussion groups led by Torbay’s Community Builders and Grassroots Activity Groups.

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