Almost 800 confirmed Coronavirus cases in the UK

(Last Updated On: March 13, 2020)

798 people have now tested positive for COVID-19 in the UK it has been announced today, Friday 13th March.

This is up from 590 confirmed cases yesterday.

As of 9am this morning, 32,771 people have been tested in the UK, with 31,973 confirmed negative and 798 confirmed as positive.

10 patients who tested positive for COVID-19 have died.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson introduced new measures yesterday as the government’s coronavirus response escalated to the second phase – moving from trying to contain the virus to delaying its spread. People with a high temperature or a new consistent cough are told to self-isolate and remain at home for 7 days.

Whilst The World Health Organisation has designated the global outbreak as a pandemic, with many schools and colleges across the globe closing, schools in the UK remain open.

One family who are self-isolating in Torbay posted on social media page Spotted Torquay:
“We as a family of 5 we have been self isolated since last Sunday. We contacted 111 on Sunday afternoon to get my son tested as he had recently come back from northern Italy and had a sore throat. We didn’t have any contact until Tuesday morning when they offered an appointment for me to be tested ( mother)! I said it was for my son and he was a minor so I was on the form as his career/guardian. They said I would have to go through 111 again, at this point my daughter was showing symptoms so I rang back and asked for us all to be tested. We then get a call back on Tuesday afternoon for myself and son to get tested. On Wednesday we had a call back for my husband and 2 other children to be tested (very simple procedure and quite efficient process at the pod by A&E). We are now on Friday and no results!!! We have been in contact with the schools getting work emailed through for the children to do. My husband is self employed so has had to cancel work this week resulting in no money coming in but we luckily can manage for the moment. Needless to say the system is not efficient and as the cases grow I don’t know how they are going to manage! I don’t know who to go through to hunt down our results? Any help advice?”

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