Antelope put to sleep after escaping zoo

(Last Updated On: September 14, 2016)

​An lechwe antelope has been put to sleep after escaping from Paignton Zoo this morning.

Paignton Zoo

The animal was successfully captured after being tranquilised and safely returned to the Zoo.

It has since been announced that the animal has been put to sleep.

A spokesperson for Paignton Zoo posted on Facebook:

At 08:10 this morning a lechwe escaped from its enclosure at Paignton Zoo. The animal was recaptured in a garden on Brantwood Drive in Paignton at approximately 10:15. We are grateful to Devon & Cornwall Police for their prompt response and support during the recapture; and to our neighbours for their patience. The escape was triggered by fighting between the males in the lechwe herd. Following a full assessment we have decided to put the animal to sleep as it would have been impossible to return the escapee to the herd, or find a suitable new home for him. More information about our lechwe can be found on our website here:


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