Artizan Solo Series Continues with an Exhibition of Photography by Mark Wallis

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Mark Wallis
(Last Updated On: October 5, 2017)

Artizan Solo Series Continues with ‘Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness: America through Cornish Eyes’, an Exhibition of Photography by Mark Wallis

Artizan Gallery, Lucius Street, Torquay will be holding a four-week solo exhibition for New York based photographer, Mark Wallis in October 2017.

Having garnered acclaim in his native country as poet and performance artist I Am Cereal Killer, New York resident Mark Wallis has never let go of his English roots.  His photography shows scenes from New York and around America through the eyes of a Cornishman.

Hailing from Four Lanes, Redruth, England, Mark Wallis is showing New York (and other locales across his adopted country) through the eyes of a Cornishman. Until he arrived in New York City some two years ago, his knowledge of the metropolis came from American television programs shown in England; mostly cop and reality shows. “When previously seeing New York on television, it was presented in a gritty way, but through my work I come from a more celebratory view.”

Mark gained a good degree of fame in his native country through his work as a performance artist. Known as I Am Cereal Killer, he presented programs dealing with AIDS, gay rights and both comic and tragic elements of life on the fringes. Beyond performing in many locales, including The National Theatre, The ICA and Pride Arts Events, Mark published two volumes of his writings: This Isn’t a Gift, It’s Just the Way I’m Feeling and Collection of Dildos on My Shelf, as well as being included in a collection of poetry, Walnutcrackers.

As a performer and photographer, Mark’s artistic influences include “The Divine David,” also known as David Hoyle, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Sandra Bernhard, Sharon Needles, Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 and Nigel Barker.

Mark came to New York City for the most human of reasons: he fell in love with a man he met on line. He and Bart Greenberg have been married for more than a year now.

Besides personal happiness, his relocation awakened an interest in photography.

Mark has taken his experiences as a performing artist and channelled them onto paper. “Moving to New York City awoke something in me: the way that the city is alive keeps my thirst for photography alive.” The architecture of the city is a big influence, as is its energy.

The exhibition started on 2nd  October and will run until 28th October with a ‘Meet the Artist’ private viewing on 6th October.



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