BBC newsbeat puts spotlight on bullying

Izzy Dix

Two years ago today, Izzy Dix, 14 committed suicide.

Izzy took her own life on the evening of 17th September 2013.

BBC’s newsbeat have been in Brixham investigating the circumstances surrounding her death and finding out more about her life in the months beforehand.

Izzy Dix

Izzy Dix

‘The story of Izzy Dix’ is in 5, raw, honest and sometimes shocking podcasts.

They are not easy listening but we must listen. Bullying is an issue and it is a problem that needs addressing.

“When you mention bullying in schools or online to people. You may hear people say ‘it’s just a part of life’.. and maybe it is – but try telling that to a teenage boy or girl who spent a day in isolation because of being bullied by their classmates. Who then walks home alone, though at least that’s better than being followed and shouted at. And then when in the safety of his or her bedroom, the abuse starts appearing online..” [BBC newsbeat ‘What happened at school?’]

We have all heard of internet ‘trolls’, here is a story about one woman who is providing support to the victims.
Sandy spends her days helping children and teenagers. Sandy also runs a peer support group and writes for We Are South Devon on the subject of bullying.

Speak to anyone who has received help from or knows Sandy and you will hear high praise!

To listen to all of the podcasts go to:

For the Izzy Dix Anti Bullying Memorial page on Facebook:

Torquay’s ‘Sand man’ Geoff, today paid tribute to Izzy on Torre Abbey Sands –


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