Public asked not to enter the water at Broadsands Beach

(Last Updated On: May 17, 2016)

Members of the public have been asked not to enter the water at Broadsands Beach.

The Environment Agency are currently investigating a water pollution incident at the popular beach.

A spokesperson for Torbay Council posted on social media today:
“Due to a water pollution incident at Broadsands Beach, members of the public are being asked not to enter the water or the stream outfall until further notice. The Environment Agency are currently investigating the incident,”

The Environment Agency posted on their website earlier:

“Elevated pre season bathing water sample results from samples taken on 6th and 13th of May 2016 have been reported. The sampler taking them on the 13th noticed discolouration in the stream leading to the beach. An Environment Officer has attended site today, (16.05.16) and found ammonia levels in the stream to be 4 mg/l indicating pollution in the stream. He has then found what he believes to be sewage in a vegetated area above the stream. He reports verbally that there is sewage fungus in this area and there is a constant although small flow of grey water. He cannot currently locate the source of this it may be a misconnected number of private dwellings or it may be associated to the local water company network. We have requested water company attendance to investigate,”

More information as it becomes available.


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